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Sanitising Tunnel Washers

Unitech Sanitising Tunnel Washers are designed to effectively apply an uninterrupted flow of sanitising solution to all faces of products being handled.

To achieve this, Unitech's tunnel washers have a unique system of removing the sanitising conveyor belt from the product during the spraying operation, allowing full 360° coverage.

Hygienic construction, eliminating stitch welding, pop rivets and silicone sealants, provide a crevice free product, thus minimising the risk of bacterial growth and cross contamination. Large access doors and removable end covers add to the cleanability of the sanitising conveyor, offering a fully hygienic operation.

Standard Features

  • Blue coloured modular belt, open design, allowing free drainage.
  • Inverter controlled motor for speed adjustment.
  • Automatic level control on reservoir for fill and pump protection.
  • Centrifugal pump with stainless steel impellor and housing.
  • Dosatron sanitiser injector.
  • Sloping surfaces for added hygiene benefits.
  • Through wall installation.
  • Stainless steel construction, with food grade bearings.
  • Re-circulation and filtration of sanitising solution, minimising water and sanitant costs.
  • Photo cell on discharge, stops the sanitising conveyor in the absence of an operator.


  • Lift up ends, minimising clean down times.
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Air knife on discharge for excess solution removal
  • Bi-directional operation.

About Unitech

Unitech is the leading supplier of high quality stainless steel and aluminium integrated industrial washers for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other hygiene conscious industries.

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