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Pan Utensil Washers

Unitech Pan Washers offer a compact utensil washer system suitable for glass, dish, pots, pans and many other products. As with the other machines within our portfolio, the utensil washer offers a hygienic construction, free from crevices or sealants.

Cleaning is via top and bottom rotary arms, fitted with quick release stainless steel nozzles, to give full coverage of the items to be washed. The detergent wash cycle is followed by a hot pumped rinse, up to 85°c, in order to remove detergent residue and assist flash drying.

Operator maintained items such as filters and level probes are accessible from outside the wash chamber, for ease of use.

Double skinned, gas strut assisted and electrically interlocked access door, ensures operator safety and ease of loading.

Wheels attached to the cabinet washers frame allow the unit to be easily moved, for cleaning around and under the utensil washer in high risk applications.

We will discuss your essential needs with you to ensure that your pan washer meets all your functionality requirements.

Standard utensil washer sizes:

Series Basket Size
800 series 800 x 800
1200 series 800 x 1200
1600 series 800 x 1600

About Unitech

Unitech is the leading supplier of high quality stainless steel and aluminium integrated industrial washers for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other hygiene conscious industries.

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